What Are Your Security Concerns?

Locksmiths do more today than make keys or fix locks that have been broken or compromised. They offer a full range of services — security services that make their skills invaluable to securing your home or office.

You will find that Rockingham locksmiths offer different services for the homeowner than they do for business people or motorists. Therefore, they cover a wide range of security or lockout services. If you are a business that needs a mobile locksmith, for example, you should choose a business that takes care of a wide range of customers.

For instance, you can call a locksmith about covering your security needs for the following:

  1. Restricted Access

This is one area that can help you greatly in providing security for your company. Locksmith services can be used to help you manage your security, locks, and keys to a high standard.

  1. Safes

Full-service locksmith providers can install one of a variety of safes to assist you in keeping documents and money safe.

  1. Mining

Locksmith services can extend to offering lockout padlocks or padlocks used on a restricted system – both which support a more reliable and secure environment.

  1. Commercial Fire-Rated Hardware

Ask a locksmith to fit panic bars to your fire exit door, or provide fire-rated hardware and door closers to secure your property. All products meet fire regulation standards for companies.

  1. Key Cabinet and Desk Cabinet Locks

Locksmith providers offer a wide range of locking systems for desks, cabinets, and similar office furnishings.

Take a Risk Assessment Before Speaking to a Locksmith

To make the most of the services of a locksmith, you should take a risk assessment of your company. This assessment will give you a better idea of what locks to replace and what security features to add. For example, after taking an assessment, you may need to beef up your restricted access. Once you know the results of the evaluation, you can sit down with a locksmith and plan ways for making your property more secure and less vulnerable.

Automotive Locksmith Services

By speaking to a locksmith service, you can also find ways to make your company cars or vans more secure and more difficult to vandalise or steal. Make sure the company is SCEC endorsed. Locksmith specialists with this designation are the only individuals who can supply and fit restricted type locks under governmental law.

The SCEC Designation – What it Means

SCEC is short for Security Construction and Equipment Committee. This interdepartmental committee is responsible for evaluating security products used by Australian government agencies or departments. This responsibility extends to the establishment of an SCEC approved locksmith scheme.

How Locksmiths Receive the SCEC Endorsement

For a locksmith to be SCEC endorsed, he must undergo a federal history police check, business licence check, security licence check, master locksmith association check, and provide professional references with respect to his field knowledge and character. He must also provide a client reference to provide that he knows how to work on high-security lock systems. Identification in the form of a birth certificate, passport, or driver’s licence is also required.

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