Make Life Easier with a Home Adaptations


Home adaptations are changes to your home that make daily chores such as going to the bathroom and taking a shower a lot easier. They make getting around your home a lot simpler if you have a disability. The majority of UK homes aren’t designed with disabilities in mind, this makes getting around the house and completing everyday tasks a lot more challenging for anyone who is disabled. If you’d like to know more about housing adaptations in Bristol or anywhere else in the country, get in touch with a specialist in your area.

An experienced tradesperson can transform your home and install all kinds of convenient fixtures and fittings, such as the following:

  • Handrails
  • Disabled toilets
  • Non-slip floors
  • Wheelchair access
  • Walk in showers

All of these fixtures and fittings can make life a lot easier around your home, a knowledgeable company will have plenty of experience providing disability solutions that are practical and affordable.

Additional Safety

If you’ve a disability that limits your movement, you’ll want adaptations around your home that make getting around safer. For example, handrails are mounted in specific areas around your property, providing support when necessary.

Slip Protection

Non-slip floors and handrails are a great attachment for your bathroom, they dramatically decrease the risk of falling. Elderly and disabled individuals are at an increased chance of slipping or falling, adaptations help to improve stability.

Increased Mobility

Another advantage of installing adaptations in your home is freedom of movement, you’ve more support in areas where you need it.

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