Do You Want to Install a Timber Deck?

If you have been contemplating the installation of a timber deck, you need to base your selection on your location. For example, you want to make sure that the timber you choose stands up well to bushfires and supports a good durability rating. One of the timbers that meet this requirement is spotted gum, a decking timber frequently grown on Australian plantations.

Treated Pine

If your goal is to install natural timber decking in Brisbane, you need to consider the best timbers for the job. This means that you need to find a timber that is cost-effective, sturdy, and pleasing to the eye. One of the lower-cost options is treated pine. Not only does the product take paint or stain well but it works out well outdoors, provided that its H rating, or hazard rating, conforms to use outside. Talk to a decking supplier about your needs along these lines.

A Popular Timber — Jarrah

Another decking timber that is worth considering is jarrah. While this timber is more expensive than other decking timbers, its appearance still makes it a popular choice. The timber ranges in hue from light to dark brown or brownish-red. If you do not seal the timber, it turns grey after some time. This decking material is fire-resistant and therefore a nice addition in bushfire areas.


Blackbutt is another fire-resistant timber. Native to Australia, the timber displays a light brown tone and can be stained if desired. Make sure this timber is sealed as it can check or develop cracks if you do not bother to seal it.

The aforementioned spotted gum features various hues from soft brown to dark brown. Because this timber is condensed, it does not shrink as other decking timbers do. It also does not bleed as many timbers do as its tannin content is low.

Maybe you want a deck that will last almost longer than your house. If so, you should choose ironbark. This timber, as its name suggests, is both dense and heavy. While it can be difficult to install because of its weight, ironwood is definitely durable.

Do You Want to Install a Pool Deck?

Homeowners like the appearance of ironbark as its colours range from a pale brown to a deep reddish tone. Besides resisting fires, the timber also resists rot and termites. If you want to place a deck around a pool area, you may want to choose this dynamic decking material.

As you can see, you have a lot of choices when it comes to timber decking products. Therefore, you need to check out a material’s durability rating, price, and appearance carefully. Buy your timber from a hardwood and decking company that can easily supply your requirements both financially and aesthetically.

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